Design and architecture

Recent, Biblioteca Municipală "B.P. Hasdeu" a achiziţionat un set de cărţi noi din domeniul Artei. Sunt cărţi interesante, cu imagini şi din paginile cărora poţi afla multe lucruri interesante. Cu ceva timp în urmă a mai fost organizată o astfel de expoziţie pe care o puteţi vizualiza la linkul http://organizareacolectiilor.blogspot.com/2011/04/expozitie-virtuala-colectia-de-arta-si.html

Fregni, Vfria Cristina. Paris Hauses. Photo: Matej Piazza; Milan: 24 ORE Motta Cultura srl – 2009. - 316 p.

Living in Paris influences your state of mind and this is clearly reflected by the colours, lights and buildings of the city. The illustrations highlight the emotional impact and peculiar nature of Parisian houses and the examples shown here offer a rich and varied picture of paradigms of style and elegance that have always characterised la ville lumiere. We can see traditional and innovative lifestyles that bring together elegance and grandeur, typical values and a domestic dimension.

Brato, Eduard. Todey`s Culture facilities/ Pilar Chieca; Barcelona: LINKS – 2006.- 179 p.

Various prestigious architects present their most recent creations for art facilities in this book, from the most innovative and avant-garde proposals, to those that attempt to create spaces whose personalities adapt to their artistic contents, through the conversion of existing structures. This translates info the most innovative contemporary designs, capable of housing the best art collections in the world, while becoming additional works of architecture that beautify and promote the cities in which they are located. By means of an extensive compilation of the most outstanding projects, with ample illustrations and construction plans and details, this book exhibits architectural creativity in museums and art galleries.

Larisa Nosaci